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Seniors are one of the most vulnerable groups. The computer age, the inundation of forms, letters, and all kinds of mail that seems important make seniors confused and worried.

Malea’s Mission helps seniors make sense of paperwork, both hard copy and electronic. We help seniors fill out forms, obtain resources, and ensure our seniors get the help they need.  Since many seniors are alone and don’t have family to help, we provide seniors with the knowledge and security needed to make the best decisions regarding challenges they may be facing.

Seniors are the most targeted group for scams and fraud. We review paperwork with each senior and help address anything that may be questionable. When necessary, we help seniors file fraud reports, understand what steps to take if fraud is detected, and stand with them as they take the steps.

benefit by being able to focus their efforts on the care of their clients.

Our services include assisting senior citizens with:

Advocating for them in financial, housing, and healthcare matters.
Money management and accounting.
Going through the mail that has piled up over time.
Document organization.
Tax return preparation and handling letters from the IRS.
Decisions and paperwork filing for long-term care, including working with the Arizona Long Term Care System.
Finding housing and long-term care facilities options.
Handling letters from bill collectors or other financial documents.
Deciphering and finding assistance for healthcare bills.
Information and applying for health insurance, medicaid, VA health assistance, and social security benefits.
Finding food, medical & household resources.
Fraud prevention and advocacy should they be taken advantage of in a scam.
Notary services.


Malea’s Mission provides free services for qualifying individuals. To qualify, the benefiting individual must be:

  • 65 years of age and older,

  • A resident of Maricopa County (Arizona),

  • And have a yearly income below the Arizona poverty level.

To Get Started

For qualifying seniors, their family members, or facilities working on their behalf, you can get started with potentially receiving services from Malea’s Mission by filling out the Contact Form or calling our office at 602-755-4970.