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I received a call from a medical facility that serves low-income patients who have suffered a major health crisis.

The facility had a patient, Dave, who was due to be discharged in 1 week, but was unable to return home because living alone was no longer a safe option. He had no family and nowhere else to go.

I met with Dave, and after speaking to him determined ALTCS (Arizona Long Term Care System) would be his best option. I became Dave’s advocate and assisted him in filling out the application, providing all of the required documentation, and submitting the package to the state.

As a result, Dave was discharged directly from the facility to a group home where he receives the help he desperately needs. Malea’s Mission was founded to help seniors like Dave.

Malea has a passion to serve and protect her clients. She is committed to making sure they get the best care possible. I highly recommend her services.

Heather Olson
Olson Insurance Agency

I have worked with Malea in the past and found her extremely professional and caring for her clients. Male has always put her client’s best interest above all. I always look forward to working with her.

Doreen Case
Senior Healthcare Medicare Specialist

Malea is super smart and knowledgeable in her field.

Rob Harper
888 Development LLC

We’re Bob and Millie Carlson, a retired pastor and teacher wife in our upper 80’s. We recently became seriously ill and our sons were concerned that we get help with our finances. They found a “Wonder Woman” for us and we want to share her with you. She is a woman who is honest, trustworthy, sincere, efficient, well organized who has a deep heart to protect seniors from fraud and scams.. Interested? Contact consider it done seniors at 602-671-3623 to receive your personal blessing!

The Reverend Robert A. Carlson

Malea Madrid has expertise, care and drive to look out for her clients. She does an amazing job with helping organizing Seniors daily money management, helps with doctor and insurance clams, plus stay on top of any possible fraud!

Barbara Moehling

I have known Malea and her work for a couple of years now. She is so passionate about what she does and has an unbreakable determination to provide the utmost care, expertise, and professionalism to her clients!

David Rush

Malea is so caring about her elderly clients it is AMAZING how much she does for them.

Katherine Gudgel

Malea is an amazing resource for seniors. Many seniors are often left to fend for themselves because family isn’t local or is nonexistent. They often struggle to manage their day-to-day lives, and sometimes have medical needs that prevent them from doing so. Unfortunately, this leaves them vulnerable and they are ofien taken advantage of and exploited. This is where an advocate like Malea and help. She can step in and help manage and often protect our aging demographic. She is a MUCH NEEDED resource!

Susan C. Hall
Schaller & Thomas Insurance Agency

Malea is such a huge help. From taxes to filling out/filing miscellaneous paper work.  She is so knowledgeable and we highly recommend her.

Amanda Maes

Malea has the heart of a teacher and goes above and beyond to assist her clients in threading their way through paperwork, forms, returns, and the myriad of confusing details that can overwhelm someone unfamiliar with them. I strongly recommend her!

Stephenie Crowley

Malea is very knowledgable and personable.  A very easy process no matter what your tax status is.  very reasonable cost as well.

Tom Hartert

Malea REALLY knows what she’s doing! I’ve personally worked with her and she has the utmost respect and integrity!  passion and the relentless pursuit of a job well done!

Kevin Vest

She is someone you can count on who really treats all her clients with so much heart in her work. I amn so happy we have connected.

Shelby Ikeda

Malea is the best, I have known her for a few years now and she will bend over backwards for you.  I would definitely recommend her to other people

Jeannette Sherman

It’s rare to come across such outstanding talent like Malea. Malea is so kind with a huge heart. She has incredible skill and knowledge in accounting services and communicates her passion with such clarity.

Becca Lewis

Malea is a Master Tax Preparer!  She has helped us maximize our deductions over the years. She helped set up an S corp for me, and helped my son set up a business budget. She knows the latest laws and can help anyone who has questions about organizing business paperwork.

Sharon Acritelli